Wondering about OST? It's here :)

So, you've helped Irra to conquer the darkness and find the mythical Lady Death and you want to cherish the unforgettable moments you spent together by listening to the dreamy sounds that are now stuck in your head? I wonder where you can get an official soundtrack... 

Oh, it's right here! Ooof, everything's fine now.

Each of the atmospheric tracks you've heard while playing Dream Alone were composed by the renowned composer, Paweł Flanc. The sounds he has crafted are clearly inspired by the works of Able Korzeniowski, who created the scores for Penny Dreadful. Surprisingly, Flanc blended eerie vibes with hip-hop beats, resulting in a wicked, unique style of music. It’s bewildering and intimidating, and somehow very familiar.

May the Dream Alone stay with you forever.


Jul 06, 2018

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